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solar systems sit here
there are good things capable of resting in me
like those times i tried to unclog
your bloodstream with compassion and eyes always listening
even when youre moving by…



Spoken word poetry. Click to listen.

Spoken word poetry. Click to listen.

Your pathetic Odyssey is painful ended
Standing like a dick on the stairs
In all the dysentery of piled-up life
Ankle deep. Fuck you Malkam Khan
I’ll say what I want about
Consistent Unblinking Death:
It found you with its crunched-up
lottery feelers, Did it not?

Hold my hand Mr Wolf, push your nails into my flesh, feel the water.
Wrap your arms around my skull, this is the last clock. Breathe me in.
Tell me one more lie, now face above can close his eyes once more.
Whilst you turn three steps back, you still hold my five and take it with you.


Sean Reynolds

Outside my window, in the apprehension of morning,
a decaying wooden shrine—
sanctuary for winter birds,
sways in the hard breeze, empty, neglected.

in sleep i find you have fish hooks for fingers
that have taken hold of me all of this time…

Neal Cassady

Sean Reynolds

You remind me of my old man
though I’m older now than you were then
counting tracks in Kesey’s mind.
Older than your friend,
when he drank himself to Paradise.
I’m not sure if my father read much
except Playboys left on the couch Sunday morning
after a case of beer Saturday night.
I know he liked the road: he liked to drive.
He would pile us in the light blue Ford—
a bottle of Hamm’s between his legs…

I PLOD- a mugging

Chris Major

completely focused.
totally oblivious.
pavement pounding.