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Emily Day
Emily Day is 16 years old and still cannot drive. She enjoys listening to music and going to abandoned houses for picture-taking purposes. She is currently reading House of Leaves and listening to “Railroad Man” by Eels. She is not a writer, but a photographer, however she has only been taking photos for just under a year now. She mainly uses a Canon Rebel XT and a Canon AE-1, has done darkroom work, and was recently published in a local-area magazine. She also does not like green eggs and ham. (Actually, green eggs are okay.)



You have a real sense of style and a sense of innocence and tranquility to your images.

what camerado you use?

Actually that was written last year and I’m 17 now. But for these I used a Canon Rebel XT, but now I have a Canon 40D.
Thank you so much! :]]

your work is beautiful, you’re definitely an inspiration.

keep it up :)

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