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Noah and The Whale Interview


Noah and The Whale are Charlie, Doug, Urby, Tom Fiddle and sometimes Laura Marling. We featured them on Platforms about a year ago and they even played a Platforms:live gig at The Luminaire. Now, they have a few great singles out on Young and Lost, a growing fan base and have sold out a nationwide tour (with the exception of Wolverhampton).

The Maccabees Interview

By Fred Lancaster

The Maccabees are busy. They have just released a new single, “Toothpaste Kisses” - accompanied by a hit YouTube video introducing the world to extreme snogging (look it up), plus they’ve just rereleased their debut album and they are hard at work on their second album.

Akron/Family Interview

By Roy Marmelstein


Akron/Family are crazy and wonderful. They mix the folksy with energetic and fun post-rock, occasionally visiting hip-hop and world music. Their latest album, “Love is Simple” is out now.

We met with Miles Seaton of Akron/Family shortly before the band’s Brighton gig at The Pressue Point. It was a tiny backstage room covered with gig posters.

George Pringle Interview


George Pringle is electronic, poetic and opinionated. She likes Garageband and dislikes drummers. Her debut single “Carte Postale” is released 3rd December.

Rilo Kiley Interview


Rilo Kiley are Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett, Pierre de Reeder and Jason Boesel. ‘More Adventurous’, their fantastic 2004 album (their fourth) has won them critical acclaim, commercial success and the love of adoring indie kids the world over. They were considered fashion icons. They toured with Coldplay. They were played on the OC.

Lightspeed Champion Interview

By Roy Marmelstein


Dev Hynes used to be the new rave kid in Test Icicles, now he is Lightspeed Champion. His single Galaxy Of The Lost is out now and his album is on its way.

We met in a cafe in Shoreditch. It was quite loud.